Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Customized Shoes by Hey, Monet!

I received a pair of Chuck Taylors for my birthday last year, and immediately, I knew I wanted to have it customized. I decided on a rather complex design - using the four sides of the shoes to encompass myself, my lifestyle, and beliefs. I narrowed it down to the four values I strongly believed in: freedom, passion, beauty, and love.

I canvassed around the local online community to find the best artist possible without depressing my financial situation. Thus I stumbled upon Monet Dizon under her brand name Hey, Monet! Upon messaging her regarding the design, she replied back with a long and detailed description of her visionary design for my shoes, which included not only the values I believed in but my lifestyle and passions - dancing, traveling, even quotes from my favorite songs. I was astounded by her professionalism and creativity, so I sent her my shoes and settled in for the long wait.

The wait was indeed long, and understandably so, for she was a college student juggling a mountain load of academics. Being a student myself, I patiently waited and gave her all the time she needed. At the end of the day, the wait was indeed worth it.

Say hello to me-in-a-pair-of-shoes:

I'm more than satisfied with the quality, creativity, and price of my shoes so I recommend Monet to anyone and everyone. I was able to meet her as well, and she's just lovely - super nice and down to earth. Shoe customization cost me P600. Details are as follows:

Hey, Monet! 
by Monet Dizon
Contact her: 09175704880

She even tried to paint me! Cute, yes? I love Hey, Monet!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

INOA Hair Coloring Experience at Azta Urban Salon

For months, I've agonized over the idea of coloring my hair, apprehension over the right color, salon, and price always stopping me from actually pushing through with it. I was excited and yet terrified for the change, and so I've toyed with the idea vocally but never seriously considered it. That is, until a few weeks back, when I finally decided to take courage and do it.

For the salon, I decided to go with Azta Urban Salon in Katipunan. I initially considered high-end salons such as Louis Kee at The Fort, but for budget-purposes (I'm still a student, after all!) I did not push through with that plan. I've enjoyed numerous services in Azta and found that they knew how to take care of their clients. I also loved how the salon always emitted a young, trendy, yet professional vibe.

The day before my hair coloring, I dropped by to meet the stylist and set my appointment. I met the gorgeous Mylene, one of their senior stylists, and she sat down and talked to me about the services they offer. I've always wanted to try out L'Oreal's INOA, and Mylene helpfully recommended color shades that would suit my skin tone. What I loved about Mylene is that she really did look gorgeous - fashionable yet professional, and best of all, she had lovely, lovely hair. The moment I met her, I felt assured that I would be in good and capable hands.

And so the day of reckoning arrived. Mylene smilingly met me at my appointed time and ushered me to one of Azta's chairs. My hair was dry-shampooed (always a favorite Azta experience!) then washed by the junior stylist, Leslie, who took amazingly good care of me. Mylene and Leslie then started working the color into my hair. The process took about two hours, with Leslie helpfully offering me drinks and magazines in between. Finally, after the color has set in, Leslie proceeded with the Pureology hair treatment (packaged for free when you avail of the INOA service), followed by the most amazing back massage. It took all I could not to fall asleep in the chair! The process, all in all, took three hours to finish.

The result?

Taken with flash, to give you an idea of what it looks like under natural light.

All I can say is: why ever did I wait that long? I'm super loving my new hair! Talk about confidence levels hitting the roof. I haven't felt this good about myself in days! A huge thanks to Azta, and of course Mylene and Leslie, who were both super nice and down to earth. The INOA Hair Coloring service for my hair length (Long) cost P2,100 inclusive of a free Pureology Hair Treatment. 


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm feelin' lucky! Winning A Raffle c/o Female Network and Lavish Lashes Studio

I seem to be eating a lot of my words lately. 

I started my previous entry imploring on how unlucky I am with raffles and draws, and a few days after winning the SAS promo I actually win in a raffle draw! The luckiest part of both winnings is that these are actually services I really, really both have been wanting to try out but didn't have the budget for.  

I opened my email this morning and received a notification from Female Network, congratulating me for being one of the twenty-five randomly selected winners of their Lavish Lashes promo. And the prize? A gift certificate worth P1,000 from Lavish Lashes Studio

The studio is conveniently located for me, and I've inquired about their services numerous times. I'm ecstatic about finally satisfying my curiosity - for free! I entered this raffle weeks ago but promptly forgot about it because as I said, I've had a history of poor luck when it comes to these things. But there's a first time for everything, yes? This seems to be my lucky week! 

To see the list of winners, click here

Monday, August 2, 2010

Fine, Fresh, Fierce: Winning A Contest c/o Sex and Sensibilities & The Strip

I am the unluckiest when it comes to raffles and draws. It's a proven fact, and I have long since stopped hoping. But when it comes to contest entries based on writing, I have all my fingers and toes crossed! So imagine my delight when I received an email from Sex and Sensibilities this morning.

I love SAS because it's informative and entirely catered to the modern Filipina (see here for related entry). As it implores on the website's information page:

Sex and Sensibilities, as its name implies, is a balance of sex and responsible choice. It is a site that hopes to be your trusted haven to get practical information about sex; a private place where your questions about sexuality will be answered with compassion, intelligence, and most importantly, always with honesty and respect for your choice.

Last July, I entered a contest to win one of five Brazilian wax gift certificates to be given away from The Strip. I've always wanted to try The Strip's infamous waxing, as they're rumored to be very professional. Thanks to SAS, I now get to try the procedure out for free! I am delighted my entry got picked, thank you so much to the lovely people behind SAS and of course, The Strip whom I will be visiting very soon.

For more information about the contest, click here.
To see the winning entries (spot mine!), click here.
To follow SAS on Facebook, click here.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Modern Filipina

I was browsing the internet when I came across an article that really struck me. It's entitled "The Modern Filipina", written by Sasha Manuel for

Who is the modern Filipina?

With all the changes happening all around and having observed how the culture evolved for the past two (2) decades, I can’t help but ask the question. How do you define such a woman?

We have to admit that we come from a society filled with rules (not to mention, superstitions). Most of us grew up with strict and conservative parents, surrounded by meddling extended families (who often think that their opinions should be taken into serious consideration). Our actions measured and, oftentimes, directed by traditions and filial responsibilities. And, yes, women often suffer the worst end of the stick — underestimated, undervalued, and typecasted.

I grew up with voices telling me (that I’m also currently trying to debunk, I should add, and no, I’m not going mad, heh): plunging necklines, mid-rifts, short skirts and shorts, strapless/tubes, backless and bra-less outfits are sacrilege; t-shirts and shorts should be worn over bikinis (heck, it’s even “bad” to wear bikinis!) or swimsuits; having your photo taken in any manner that connotes something sexual (save that it’s already artless nudity — that’s a given, gah) is considered indecent; you should be timid and submissive (i.e. no ambition whatsoever); and, yes, this last one’s a classic — you should be thinking about marriage and family by the age of 25 PLUS say goodbye to having a career as soon as you do.

I can hear folks crying different sorts of things in outrage. Some will agree and others won’t but let me reiterate, this is based from my own personal experience and, yes, side notes are personal opinions as well.

Moving on.

Personally, I’ve changed. And since I believe that fashion reflects one’s personality, my personal style preferences grew up with the times; adapted to the shifted paradigm. Thinking things over helped me take a shot at a definition.

The modern Filipina then is a woman who embraces her colour and celebrates the culture and traditions that she grew up in. Armed with an accommodating nature, she opens herself up to outside influences that will edify and enrich her life. A woman who is not afraid to explore unchartered terrain for she’s aware of her roots; she knows where she came from. Her thoughts and opinions unabashedly materialise — reflected in her taste in fashion and makeup, at times — and she stands by it.

There is no shame in embracing one’s femininity and sexuality. Though, I show more skin and wear makeup or that I’m still single at 31, these things don’t make me less of a Filipina. Like I said, the country is evolving, so should the people living in it. It’s all a matter of filtering out the bad influences and exercising common sense. I’m not suggesting that you go against society, just don’t give it power over your life as a woman and as a Filipina.

How about you? How do YOU define the modern Filipina?

Growing up in a typical Filipino household, I am no stranger to irrational conservatism and the blurred line between religion and cultural conventions. Though there are many things about my culture I would love to do without (the meddling extended families is one of them!), I am eternally proud to be a modern Filipina.

A Filipina who appreciates her culture and roots, but seeks to break through the borders of closed-minded society for her own personal growth and awakening. A Filipina who is not afraid to break conventions and stereotypes for the better. A young woman who will let her passion and voice be heard, and yet still encompass the qualities a true Filipina possesses - grace, beauty, and strength.

Here's to you, the modern Filipinas out there. Celebrate and embrace your beauty.
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